Manawatū Catchment Water Quality Plan

  • Removes dairy effluent discharge from water,
  • Set standards on phosphate levels for point source discharge.


  • Horizons launches Sustainable Land Use Initiative to address erosion of hill-country land,
  • Palmerston North City Council upgrades sewage treatment plant,
  • All major water takes in the Catchment meet agreed standards


  • Manawatū River Leaders' Accord signed and action plan agreed,
  • 2012 Dairy and Clean Streams Accord targets met,
  • All major consent applications resolve,
  • Horizons Regional Council One Plan becomes operative,
  • All high value bush and wetlands protected,
  • Manawatū River Leaders' Accord second action plan signed.


  • Waterways in the Catchment are safe, accessible and provide for recreation and food sources,
  • Sustainable land and water resources of the Catchment continue to underpin the economic prosperity of the Region,
  • Waterways are returned to a healthy condition,
  • The River becomes a source of regional pride and mana
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