Swim Spots

21 December 2011

Horizons does weekly monitoring of water quality at 13 swimming spots. Based on the results, the spots are given a green light when it’s good to swim, amber when precaution should be taken, and red if it’s best not to swim.

Test results for the week of 15 December show 10 of the 13 spots have a green light, great news for those wanting to cool off.

While Horizons carries out weekly testing at 13 spots, there are 29 popular swimming areas that have a permanent grading system, based on knowledge of the water quality at the sites. 

The top grades for beaches listed on the website are Foxton, Himatangi Waitarere, and Castle Cliff.

Top river spots listed are Kahuterawa Stream, Ohau River at Gladstone Reserve and Kimberley Reserve, Pohangina River at Totara Reserve, Rangitikei River at Mangaweka, and Tokomaru River at Horseshoe Bend.

These gradings provide a general indication of water health but swimmers should use the following rule of thumb before jumping in:

  • It is safest to wait three days after rain before swimming at river swimming spots.
  • If the water looks clean and clear, and it’s a sunny day, you should be good to go.

See the latest results on the Horizons Regional Council website www.horizons.govt.nz.

Horizons’ chief executive Michael McCartney hopes people get out there this summer and enjoy what the Region has to offer.

‘’It’s important the public understand their river and that there are great places to swim. When the conditions are right people should go for it. Equally, its important for the community to know when or where it's not wise to use the river.”

We want people to take a look on our website, get chatting on Facebook and ask questions and get to know their rivers, he said.