The Action Plan

One of the commitments set out in the Accord was to produce an Action Plan to be implemented by the forum and our respective organisations.  Developing this Action Plan required a significant investment of time, energy, resources and collaboration from the forum members.

The leaders identified six key priorities for the river:

  • sediment;
  • nutrients and bacteria from point source discharges;
  • nutrients and pathogens from agricultural run-off;
  • physical changes from flood control work;
  • protection of native fish and birds; and
  • management of water allocation.

From these six priorities an Action Plan of over 130 tasks was developed and in June 2011 the leaders launched their Action Plan to the community.

Minister for the Environment Dr Nick Smith joined Iwi/hapū, council and community leaders in Palmerston North 11 March 2016 for the formal launch of the new Manawatū River Action Plan. The Plan is a commitment by Iwi/hapū, local and central government, industry, farming, environmental and recreational leaders to over 100 collaborative actions put forward to improve the state of the Manawatū River over the next five years.
It builds on work achieved under the original Action Plan launched in July 2011 which Minister Smith also attended. To read the 2016 updated Action Plan click here

The leaders will provide regular updates on their progress through our news, blog and progress reports.

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