The Accord

In August 2010 the members of the Manawatū River Leaders' Forum signed an Accord to take action to improve the state of the Manawatū River. The Accord set out a focus, vision, and goals for the River.

Our goal is to improve the Manawatū River, the mauri (lifeforce) of the Manawatū River Catchment, such that it sustains fish species, and is suitable for contact recreation, in balance with the social, cultural and economic activities of the catchment community.

This goal represents a community opportunity to develop leadership in catchment improvement and capture the social and economic benefits of such leadership.

Specific goals set out in the Accord are:

  1. The Manawatū River becomes a source of regional pride and mana.
  2. Waterways in the Manawatū Catchment are safe, accessible, swimmable, and provide good recreation and food resources.
  3. The Manawatū Catchment and waterways are returned to a healthy condition.
  4. Sustainable use of the land and water resources of the Manawatū Catchment continues to underpin the economic prosperity of the Region.

 One of the commitments set out in the Accord was to establish an Action Plan to clean up the river.

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