Dave Stewart on fencing and planting

4 Sep 2014

Farmers in and around the Manawatu are doing their bit for water quality aided by funding from the Manawatu River Leaders' Accord. Dave Stewart is one of these farmers. Check out his vid.

Chris and Bruce restore native habitat

4 Sep 2014

Landowner Christine Mitchell spent time completing environmental papers and working in the Freshwater Ecology Department at Massey University. This taught her about the rapid decline in native fish populations and the need to restore their habitats. As a result she and husband Bruce have fenced and planted wetland areas, a bush remnant and streams on their farm.

Wishnowsky's true guardians of the land

4 Sep 2014

Fourth generation sheep and beef farmers, the Wshnowsky's, have put in 1.2km of fencing around a stream on their property and planted a wide riparian margin, even though they have no regulatory requirement to do so. Their reasons are partly to prevent erosion and provide shade for stock, but mostly to leave the land in a better state for future generations. This is a heartwarming story about a farming family that are truly guardians of the land.


Reflections from the river's edge

30 Jul 2012

There's been a quiet transformation taking place along the river's edge in Palmerston North. As stop banks have been improved, so too has the walkway, signage and access; opening the door for cyclists, walkers and joggers to enjoy the river's beauty.